Meet Embroker

We’re the insurance brokerage built for the way you do business. Embroker provides technology that takes the pain out of insurance, offers top-tier service from the best brokers in the game, and partners with the nation’s leading carriers to surface policies tailored to your company.

It’s a new way of thinking about business insurance — and it’s about time.

Our mission is to make insurance work better for businesses of all types and sizes.

real brokers using data illustration

We’re human first
(but data helps a lot)

We use data to make faster, smarter, better business decisions. Yet behind the ones and zeros are the most sincere, knowledgeable, and experienced brokers around.

We’re building the future of insurance. We think you’ll find it much improved.

Meet Shotwell,
our mascot

Why choose a mutt as our mascot? Like Shotwell, we’re caring, quick, and tenacious. We’re also born from mixed breeds – technology and business insurance expertise. We always strive to embody his loyalty and hustle. We’re still working on our tail wagging skills.

Why insurance?

We’re here to fix insurance, one of the most historically frustrating industries on the planet. It’s a complex challenge that demands creativity, courage, and a profound love of risk. Curious how we’re doing it?

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