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Management Liability Package

One application, full protection.

A policy bundle that offers your executives protection for their personal assets and your company coverage in the case of employee lawsuits alleging harassment, discrimination, and more.

  • Directors & Officers

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Coverage of Attorneys, OC’s and Independent Contractors

Gives management the protection they need to lead companies fearlessly by protecting their personal assets from lawsuits alleging misuses of funds and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Offers protection from common employee lawsuits against your company related to issues such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and more.

Why Do You Need These Policies?

D&O and EPLI are crucial coverages for most businesses. In this video, Embroker explores why you need them, what they’ll protect your company from, and how to get started.

Additional Policies

A bundle of essential insurance policies (general liability, property, business interruption) that costs less than having to buy the policies individually

Covers businesses in the case of financial losses resulting from crimes such as theft, embezzlement, and fraud committed by third parties and employees

Covers costs and damages related to cyberattacks. Pays for computer forensics, civil lawsuits, PR services, the costs of notifying other affected parties, and more

Protection for your company and the people in charge of administering your benefits plans from current and former employees alleging mismanagement of these plans.

Protects your company from professional mistakes, bad advice, and any other actions or services provided that lead to lawsuits filed by clients.

Covers employee injury costs such as hospital bills, lost wages, rehab, and more. Workers comp is mandated by law in most states.

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