We Create Magic

Help us transform the business insurance industry with head, heart and a whole lot of technology.

Our Mission.

At Embroker, we protect what’s dearest to business owners in the smartest way possible. To get there, we’ve brought together a community of innovators, rebels and creatives. The ones who dare to move one of the most traditional industries into the modern age.


A community of nonconformists: We love finding smart solutions to difficult problems. We drive creativity and change business insurance for the better.



We don’t only have new ideas but we also take action to champion them. We stand up and speak out. We are people you want to bet on.

Action Driven


We actively seek a workplace that’s diverse, inclusive and caring. We all know that the best ideas come about when a bunch of totally different people are together in one “room” and simply have fun. Well, the ones who dare to push boundaries, love to experiment and nurture their inner child curiosity.


Oh: And we love dogs.

We love dogs

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