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Instant Policy Packages

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Startup Package

Four Policies. One Application.

Get any or all of the policies listed here and save time by filling out just one application for all of them.

  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Tech Errors & Omissions incl. Cyber
  • Fiduciary Liability

Growth Stage Package

Four Policies. One Application.

Select any or all of the policies listed here and save time by filling out just one application for all of them.

  • Directors & Officers Plus
  • Employment Practices Liability Plus
  • Tech Errors and Omissions incl. Cyber Plus
  • Fiduciary Liability

Management Liability Package

One application, full protection.

This package is designed to protect your company and the people leading it from a variety of common business risks.

  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability

All of our policies can be customized for your needs

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Additional Packages

We also have several specialized insurance packages that you can buy through our advisors.

Instant Policies A-Z: The Big Overview


A popular business insurance bundle that provides businesses with essential coverage (general liability, commercial property, and more) at a lower price point.

Protects businesses from financial loss related to crimes such as employee theft and dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, robbery, and more.

Vital insurance for any modern business that handles customer/partner data online. Protects companies from malicious cyberattacks and their unwanted effects.

Allows executives to lead their companies fearlessly by protecting their personal assets from lawsuits alleging misuses of funds, breaches of fiduciary duty, and more.

Protects companies from employee lawsuits related to a variety of common workplace issues, such as harassment, discrimination, failure to promote, and more.

Provides protection for the people administering company benefits plans from current and former employees alleging mismanagement or misleading advice.

Protects professional services providers (real estate agents, consultants, brokers, etc.) from civil lawsuits related to negligence, errors and omissions, and more.

Professional liability insurance created for tech companies to cover risks associated with client claims of losses directly related to a company’s products/services.

Mandated by most states, workers comp covers the costs of employee workplace injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, rehab, and more.

All of our policies can be customized for your needs

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Additional Policies

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check out our additional policies that you can buy through our in-house brokers.


Professional liability custom-built for accountants that protects firms from claims of client losses resulting from errors, bad advice, misrepresentation, and more.

A policy for construction firms and contractors that protects the structures they are building and building materials from fire, vandalism, inclement weather, and more.

Provides financial help when property issues force businesses to close their doors temporarily. Will cover wages, rent, business loans, lost profits, taxes, and more.

Protects business vehicles both owned and rented and will cover repair and replacement costs related to accidents, vandalism, theft, weather damage, and more.

A more sophisticated and flexible policy bundle that’s made for bigger businesses and higher-risk companies that don’t qualify for a Business Owners Policy.

Provides financial help when business property has been lost or damaged. This policy covers not just buildings, but also furniture, signage, inventory, and more.

Essential coverage that protects businesses from third-party injuries and property damage claims. Covers claims of stolen ideas related to advertising as well.

The best way for companies to keep vital employees happy while continuing to hire top-shelf talent is by providing their team with great benefits packages.

A life insurance policy that’s taken out on critical employees whose death or disability would adversely affect a company’s progress, stability, and financials.

Protects businesses from claims related to product defects and shortcomings that could potentially lead to customer injuries or property damage.

Essential coverage for construction companies that provides guarantees to governmental agencies that hired contractors will perform their contractual duties.

Provides businesses with an extra layer of coverage that kicks in when the coverage limits of other liability policies have been reached and exhausted.

You want efficiency and value in every investment. This all-in-one package is custom-designed to cover all your most significant liabilities.


Companies need business insurance online because running a business is a risky and unpredictable proposition and insurance provides a safety net. It enables business owners to confidently focus on growing their businesses knowing that they are protected from a variety of potentially costly risks.

Common risks such as employee accidents and various litigation could cripple small businesses financially if they are left to cover these expenses on their own. Business insurance helps companies manage and mitigate these risks by providing financial support in these types of unexpected, and often unavoidable, situations.

No two businesses will pay the same amount for insurance. Business insurance premiums are calculated by insurers based on a long list of factors. Insurers will look at many characteristics of your business when determining how much you will need to pay for a policy, including your industry, your size, the number of employees you have, your location, and more. 

On top of that, the cost of business insurance policies usually differs from one insurer to another.

While there are standard insurance policies that most businesses should buy, none are mandatory with the exception of workers compensation, which is mandated by law in every state but Texas.

Different businesses will have different insurance needs. Many factors will determine your business’s insurance needs, including the nature of your product/service, your industry, the type of business property you own/rent, how many employees you have, your revenue, and more.

Yes. Getting a business insurance quote through Embroker is much easier and faster than getting a quote through a legacy broker. The process of choosing the type of insurance you need, completing your application, and getting a quote takes just a few minutes. Get started here.

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