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  • Directors & Officers

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Tech Errors and Omissions incl. Cyber

  • Fiduciary Liability

The one policy that helps your Founders, Executives and Board Members sleep soundly.

Financial reimbursement for legal fees and settlements from decisions you make running the company.

Because you may hire someone who still thinks it’s 1950, and even a baseless allegation can cost you.

As soon as you start hiring employees you need EPL Insurance. Provides protection from alleged sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination suits.

The products you develop are not error-proof, and a malicious hacker or misplaced laptop can cripple your company with a data breach.

Protects against claims that allege damages arising from technology services you have provided, and covers the cost defending lawsuits and any settlements that arise.

Provides protection for your company and the people administering your benefits plans, from current and former employees alleging mismanagement or misleading advice.

Additional Policies.

Twice the insurance fun. Combines General Liability and Property so you are covered both when a stranger slips and falls, and when office equipment breaks.

Covers bad stuff bad employees do. From embezzlement, forging checks, and stealing, to phishing, and other scams that use a computer to fraudulently transfer money.

Employees are clumsy, and gravity works. A state-mandated policy covering claims from employee injuries, including medical expenses, death benefits, lost wages, and rehab.

All policies can be customized according to your wishes.

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