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CPA firms, tax advisors, and even bookkeepers get hit frequently with claims. Tax laws are constantly changing and the expectation of the client is such that errors are not readily acceptable. A high-quality insurance package produced by a knowledgeable broker eases the burden of a malpractice claim.


No matter your experience level and how cautiously you run your construction business, unpredictable accidents are always a possibility in this high-risk industry. Transferring risk via insurance enables contractors to focus on growth without worrying that every possible misstep or unforeseen problem could lead to serious setbacks.


Restaurant owners and other hospitality professionals face a unique risk profile and the potential for property damage and liability lawsuits resulting from everyday operations is irregularly high. Finding the right coverage requires the guidance of brokers with deep insurance expertise and a genuine understanding of the industry.


Nonprofits can face lawsuits from volunteers, donors, employees, and government regulators. Their leadership is also often a common target for litigation. Any organization that engages in counseling or vocational training has significant professional liability exposure. Proper coverage will cover your legal costs or damage awards in such instances.

Real Estate

The real estate industry includes property managers, developers, and investors who face risks associated with construction, economic volatility, catastrophes, and employee injuries. As a real estate professional, you need to feel confident that the property you manage or own is protected with the right insurance coverage.


Legal malpractice claims are a frequent concern for law firms of all sizes. Like any other business, law firms also have clients and employees, which means they need to protect themselves from a wide variety of employment and liability risks. A high-quality insurance product can ease the burden of legal malpractice claims and protect you from a myriad of other risks.


In today’s tech and startup world, lawsuits are both common and very expensive. Technology company executives and directors are also often a direct target for litigation. Managing risk with an insurance product will enable tech companies to focus on innovation and growth without worrying that every possible mistake or unforeseen problem could have disastrous financial repercussions.

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