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Trends & Predictions for 2022

NEW REPORT:The pandemic hasn’t just changed the workplace temporarily, it’s changed the way we work permanently. Learn more about employment laws and hear experts’ predictions on what’s to come for law firms. Are you prepared?


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Remote work arrived, and it never left. Billable hours can still be billed virtually. Millions of employees are willingly (or unwillingly) leaving their jobs. The Great Resignation is not slowing down. Harassment, firing, and a slew of other employment law issues are still relevant in a virtual world. In short, employment lawyers and law firm partners have never been busier. It’s time to prepare for what’s to come.

Employment law has a lot of changes ahead.

Here’s a Sneak Peek

Embroker spoke with employment law professionals, attorneys, and partners. Hear from prominent lawyer Howard Lavin, law firm founder Alan Nochumson, legal journalist Bob Ambrogi, and head of claims Corrie Hurm as they analyze trends and offer their predictions for employment law. Here’s some of what they share:

Employment laws need to change, and with it, so does your employment insurance policy. Does your policy protect you?

Although the way we work has changed, employment laws have remained the same thus far. What needs to change? Listen in as panelists describe what’s working and what’s broken. From the challenges you can expect to see and how to handle employment laws in a virtual world, you may be surprised by what’s working and, just as importantly, what’s not. Make sure your law firm is prepared for the obstacles you may face.

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Only 22% of small business owners admit to understanding their commercial insurance policies.

Law firms won’t operate in the way they did pre-pandemic.

The law firm workplace cannot revert, and should not revert, to its previous way of operating before Covid-19 hit. Cultural and workplace shifts simply prevent it from happening. Case in point: the Great Resignation, virtual offices and courtrooms, and myriad other paradigms that are forever changed. So what does that mean for employment law? How about employing attorneys as you grow your law firm? Partners and law professionals weigh in on 2022 trends and their predictions for the changes they expect to see in both employment law and the legal workplace. Even solo law firms have much to consider in navigating the new landscape. While growth often requires risk, it’s important to have the right practices in place to protect yourself.

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