How to Join
The Metaverse

as a Lawyer

NEW REPORT: If you haven’t considered joining the metaverse, you should do that. Stat. As avatars and NFTs run rampant, the virtual space is crying out for regulation and legal counsel. Answer the call.


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You’re wondering how to join the metaverse as a lawyer. Or if you even should. Well, if you like expanding your practice, and want to remain current in the digital age, the answer is clear. The metaverse is a wide open, undefined (and therefore unregulated) virtual space that is ripe for structure. Until then, it’s full of reprehensible activities and lawsuits. From NFT wars to IP arguments and infringement galore, the metaverse is both here to stay and a lawless land. 

And it’s time you join.

Sneak Peek of How to Join the Metaverse as a Lawyer

Embroker spoke with metaverse professionals, lawyers, and journalists to get to the bottom of how to join the metaverse as a lawyer—if you should join at all (we recommend you do). Here’s what the experts say.

Citizens of the metaverse need to abide by laws, and they need legal counsel. Will your practice be there to guide them?

At this point, the metaverse is a series of disconnected platforms in which users sometimes behave properly, though oftentimes they do not. With the rapid growth of virtual technologies and the augmented reality universe, you need to keep up. Web 3.0 is here and full of potential messes. Think social media comments gone too far, unsolicited messaging, and unapproved images spread across multiple virtual environments. Yes, they do need help.

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Lawyers are already being asked to have a complete understanding of all the ways of the metaverse.

NFTs have already ignited major intellectual property related lawsuits, including Roc-A-Fella v. Damon Dash, Hermes v. the artist Mason Rothschild, and even Olive Garden v. A Person Who Sold NFTs of Olive Garden locations. That’s just the beginning. We can expect many other metaverse-related lawsuits to come. Consider all the reaches of the law in the real, regulated world. Now multiply that by lawlessness of the wild west, and there you have the metaverse. Maybe you shouldn’t ask yourself how to join the metaverse as a lawyer. Maybe you should ask yourself how to join the metaverse as fast as possible.

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