Isn’t it time to expect more from your insurance broker?

Tedious paper applications, renewals that never improve pricing or coverage, and brokers who guard your policy information like it’s a trade secret. Why should insurance be stuck in the past?

We’re a new type of broker

Embroker offers on-demand expertise and technology that takes the pain out of insurance, so you can focus on growing your company. It’s a new way of thinking about business insurance — and it’s about time.

Expertise, without commitment.

Whether you’re searching for new policies, managing existing coverage, or just want a second opinion, access to Embroker is commitment-free. Why? Because nearly everyone who experiences our approach to insurance never looks back, so we like our odds.

An improved experience at every touchpoint

Embroker puts you in control with commitment-free access to our technology platform and industry experts
Our software crunches data from your current insurance policies to highlight opportunities for improvement
We provide insurance options from leading carriers and help you choose the best protection and value for your business
Advice and expertise from the best brokers in the business, whenever you need it

Coverage tailored to your company

  • We continuously monitor your coverage and exposure to identify gaps, risks, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Rest assured you will always have access to the best policies as your company grows and changes.
  • Consolidate every type of coverage, even for multiple businesses – no need to spend hours with multiple brokers.
  • Applications, renewals, and carrier transfers all happen seamlessly — you get more value without more paperwork.

Claims that work for you

  • Easy filing, tracking, and support remove the anxiety of claims
  • On-demand expert brokers guide and advocate on your behalf
  • Total visibility lets you track progress and eliminate surprises
  • Understand your losses and how to minimize them

Your network, under your control

  • Effortlessly track and view your vendor certificates online
  • Share requirements, request proof of coverage, and get notified if vendors aren’t insured
  • Save time by sending proof of coverage to counterparties instantly

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