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Get common insurance tasks, done faster.

Share, request, and track proof of coverage automatically with digital certificates of insurance (COIs) – no need to wait for your broker.

Store your data

Your application data is safely stored and pre-filled, so you can review and approve renewals digitally.

Track claims

Easily track claims directly in your Embroker account –
no more circling back to carriers to coordinate payments.

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Digital policy flashcards summarize the key aspects of your coverage in plain English – no need to wait for your broker to call back and dig through papers or emails.

We’re always here

On-demand support from our dedicated team of experts brokers is always available in whatever medium you prefer – from email to 24/7 chat.

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Looking for more control?

Constantly relying on a broker for every basic task is not just inefficient, it’s unnecessary. Your Embroker account puts you firmly in control of a variety of common insurance tasks while keeping an open line to a broker whenever you actually need it.

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