Key Person Insurance

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Key person insurance (also known as key man insurance) helps protect the company in the event of a key person’s death. Unlike life insurance, the company owns and pays the premiums on the policy, and the largest difference is that the company is the beneficiary. In the event of the key person’s death, the death benefit payout goes to the company and not the key employee’s spouse or children. Key person life insurance policies act to inject liquid funds into the business to protect against a variety of financial losses. A company will have to scout out, hire, train and retain a new replacement employee. This is costly and the death benefit covers the expense of these burdens. The policy also provides a legal transition plan for stakeholders on how the company will continue to operate, and the policy will cover the expenses incurred during the transition. Key person insurance policies may be written to include benefits to buy out stakeholders as well. Key person life insurance protects the security of the business.

A few of the well-known carriers include:

  • John Hancock
  • AIG
  • MetLife
  • Pacific Life
  • Transamerica
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Protective