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Aviation & Aerospace Insurance Practice: Meet Tyler Chalk

Man holds launching rocket ship in workplace after talking advice from Tyler Chalk

Tyler Chalk, Senior Account Executive, has been part of the Aviation & Aerospace Insurance Practice since 2015. Tyler sat down with the Embroker Team to share how he helps companies manage risk and customize insurance policies to fit their needs. Read on to learn more about Tyler.

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Highlights from Tyler Chalk:

Man presents list on key aviation trends according to Tyler Chalk

How long have you been in aviation and insurance?

Tyler Chalk: Seven years.

Why did you get into it?

Tyler Chalk: I was lucky. The VC companies that back Embroker are also heavily invested in early-stage aviation and aerospace startup companies.

How is the aviation insurance marketplace changing?

Tyler Chalk: More insurtech companies like Skywatch can provide on-demand drone coverage for recreational and professional UAS/UAV enthusiasts. The insurance industry also has to keep up with the ever-increasing utilization of UAS/UAVs in business. So in some ways, it’s vastly better, but there are still several shortcomings between the standard commercial and aviation policy forms.

How does insurance fit into the future of aviation?

Tyler Chalk: As the utilization of UAS/UAV continues to become part of business operations for more and more companies, the need to address the UAS/UAV needs is only going to continue to increase.

Woman inspects graphs presented by Tyler Chalk for her aviation business, in background rocket ship is launching

What types of accounts do you work on?

Tyler Chalk: My focus is on UAS/UAV fleet, Aviation Products Liability, Payload/Sensors/Cameras, and Non-Owned UAS/UAV insurance. I work with companies that provide aerial photography, security, communications, transportation, and inspections, including companies that offer drone light shows!

What are the most important things to look for in an aviation broker?

Tyler Chalk: I’d say the ability to access the best aviation/aerospace carriers, experience dealing with certificates of insurance issues (standard for UAS/UAV companies), prompt response times, and experience.

What is the biggest piece of advice you have for clients?

Leverage your insurance spend with a single brokerage (whether with Embroker or not) and make sure coverage includes non-owned drone liability, and insure for catastrophic losses only.


To learn more about the right package of policies for your aviation business, check out Embroker’s digital insurance platform today.

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