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The 50+ Best Legal Podcasts of 2024

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When it comes to the law, there is always more to learn. Especially in the matter of what can be gained from others in the legal profession. Both past and present experiences and cases can inform how a new case or legal issue is approached and handled. Laws are consistently getting new interpretations; restrictions are added and taken away. Employment law is just one of the latest areas to see major changes. Not to mention that some law stories are too good to put down. Whether you’re here for education or entertainment, check out this list of the best legal podcasts.

With so many to choose from, we rounded up the best legal podcasts in 2024 to add to your queue, organized by popular areas of interest including podcasts for both small and big firms, technology law enthusiasts, current event junkies, and true crime fans. Without further ado, find your next must-listen legal podcast here: 

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Best Legal Podcasts for Small Firms 

Whether you are a part of a small law firm or are just starting up your own practice, these legal podcasts offer valuable advice and insights. 

This legal podcast is very informative and covers the business aspects of running a law practice, which can be very useful for small firms or practices that are just starting up. The podcast interviews practicing lawyers and industry experts, so you can trust the advice being shared is coming from professionals who are living and experiencing the same things as you. “The podcast covers lots of niche topics from how to grow your practice to managing law school student debt.” David Reischer, Esq., Attorney & CEO of LegalAdvice.com. 

This weekly series is a legal marketing podcast hosted by Ken Hardison. Also known as “The Millionaire Maker” Hardison leans on his 40 years of experience in the legal industry and shares his perspective on common challenges and pitfalls to help other lawyers and law firms grow themselves. 

LegalEase Marketing partners with legal professionals and industry experts to help attorneys grow their small firms. Topics range from just getting started as a solo firm to growing at scale by taking on legal technology, associates, and more.

Bill Handel hosts this useful yet lighthearted listen, having adapted his long-running show into a weekly podcast that airs every Sunday. The show covers common questions lawyers receive along with Handel’s witty and backed-by-experience responses. 

Easily addicting, the Lawsome podcast covers practical topics like “How Law Firms can use Data to their Advantage” with an easy-to-listen and entertaining edge, thanks to hosts Jake Sanders and Paul Julius, two leading legal marketing professionals. 

Described as well-organized and full of hard-hitting advice, Lee Rosen, a former divorce lawyer of nearly thirty years covers the Business of Law and provides insight into the marketing efforts that have proven successful for his firm. “Lee has the credentials and authority in the legal podcast space, as he’s built and sold his law practice. His podcast covers the Business of Law, serving clients and serving lawyers.” Yuri Eliezer is the Managing Partner at Founders Legal.

Recommended for those at the beginning of their legal journey, “Thinking Like a Lawyer” is a weekly legal podcast that covers popular and timely topics from the perspective of lawyers. Each episode is about 30 minutes and makes for an entertaining and informative listening experience. 

This monthly podcast makes for a great listen for attorneys looking to start their own firm or for small firm lawyers looking to continue learning or improving management issues within their firm. This podcast is hosted by Adriana Linares, a law practice consultant, legal technology coach, and President of LawTech Partners. 

Straight from the legal experts themselves, this podcast is hosted by the ABA Journal and features top of the industry guests discussing various legal topics. 

It’s never a bad idea to brush up on basics. If you are new to the industry or want to understand what younger new hires are going through, consider listening to “The Law School Toolbox.” 

This legal podcast contains short and digestible 20-minute episodes featuring lawyers from various fields and focuses on the real-world experiences of lawyers.

A great legal podcast for small firms in particular, Be That Lawyer is put on by host Fretzin with an emphasis on “what you didn’t learn in law school.” Have a listen for practical tips, topical news, and lawsuits that all law practices should know about.

Best Legal Podcasts for Big Firms

If you’re a lawyer at your dream firm–or even run the establishment, you know how valuable insight from your peers can be. This is why we’ve rounded up these legal podcasts as the best listens for big-firm lawyers and staff members. 

A fan favorite and applicable across all categories of law, The Lawyerist is a household name. It is also recognized as one of the top legal podcasts on streaming platforms. The Lawyerist features attorneys, thought leaders, and experts in the field who discuss legal news and relevant hot topics.

Created by Attorneys Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, this legal podcast is now a collaboration of attorneys from all over the world where they share ideas, resources, solutions, challenges, and triumphs of being a legal entrepreneur.

“Maximum Lawyer” is exactly what you’d expect from the name. It covers everything and anything in regards to running a successful, growing practice. Even people like me–who have been doing it for many years–can learn things off of this podcast that publishes a new episode twice a week.” Jonathan Marshall, Owner at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. 

Need a daily dose of zen? The “Daily Matters” legal podcast offers ways to help listeners stay grounded along with actionable ways to succeed in our current economic climate.

Whether you are just starting your law journey or have a tenured career, the “Legally Speaking” podcast has something for everyone with interviews around a broad range of subjects including mental health, legal tech, cannabis legalization and more. You’ll get to hear from varied perspectives from respected legal professionals around the world. 

A great listen for lawyers who are looking to prioritize their mental health, this podcast focuses on the practice of mindfulness and meditation and shares ways to overcome the stresses of working in law. 

Attorney Ian Connett hosts this legal podcast and conducts interviews with thought leaders in the legal industry. Connett facilitates discussions about the present and future of the legal sector.

Hosted by David French and Sarah Isgur, this podcast focuses on the Supreme Court’s greatest hits and why they matter to both practitioners and citizens, making it a great opportunity to brush up on the basics, even if you are a seasoned professional. “A good mix of assumed legal knowledge for lawyers, but baseline explanations for all listeners.” Jeffrey A. Bekiares, Partner at Founders Legal.

Megan Zavieh, state bar defense and ethics attorney hosts “Lawyers Gone Ethical” and tackles this tricky topic with expert guests regarding the ethics of social media, data security, and marketing in the legal realm.

Hosted by Ahmaud Arbery’s I.P. attorney and professor at Pepperdine Law, Jehan “J.” Carter, the “Black Lawyers Podcast” covers Black legal news along with advice from the most prominent US Black advocates and lawyers. Season One guests included notables such as Maxine Waters, Lee Merritt, and Hill Harper. 

While this podcast is geared to those contemplating or experiencing a divorce or family law matter, it can make for an insightful listen for those working within the field too. Hosted by Attorney Graves, real-life examples help shed light on everyday issues many people face.

Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick hosts this legal podcast that centers on the nine Supreme Court Justices and the influence that these nine people have over the U.S.’s legislation. 

Best Legal Podcasts for Tech & Innovation

Whether you represent a tech business or want to emulate what others are doing within these innovative spaces, these podcasts will give you a front row seat. 

This is a great interview-style podcast that is hosted by Steptoe & Johnson LLP partner Stewart Baker. It highlights cybersecurity and technology law. It’s a weekly interview series and discussion on the latest events in technology, security, privacy, and government. 

Crypto is a hot topic that everyone wants in on. This podcast highlights the legal framework being built around blockchains, crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. Each episode will take a look at topics ranging from crypto regulations, rights surrounding NFTs, as well as the legislation impacting blockchain.

This legal podcast features interviews with innovators in law and legal tech. You’ll get an inside look at how guests are using, creating or implementing legal technology and pursuing innovation in their legal departments and law firms.

This weekly legal podcast is hosted by Bob Ambrogi, who interviews innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in the legal industry. You’ll enjoy listening to a range of topics like legal technology startups, new law firm business models, and how to enhance access to justice.

“Legal Toolkit” is a monthly podcast hosted by Jared Correia. Guests include forward-thinking lawyers that discuss the services, ideas, and programs that have improved their practices.

This aptly named legal podcast offers practical advice for following and establishing best practices for all the things outside of client responsibilities that still have to get done. 

A longtime favorite, “The Digital Edge” is hosted by Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and Jim Calloway to provide tips and tools for career success, as well as cutting-edge technology news. 

You can listen or watch this live video show which covers advancements and innovators in law and technology. 

This legal technology podcast focuses on the internet and the latest advancements in legal technology, in addition to best practices for utilizing existing tools. It is hosted by noted legal technologists Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighel and educates lawyers on how technology can be used to improve services, interactions with clients, and overall workflow.

Immerse yourself in legal tech with episodes covering topics including A.I., Application management systems, fully remote law-firm management, legal tech, and remote work. 

A cross between business and law, attorney Joey C. Vitale uses his experience as a lawyer and business coach to help entrepreneurs understand the legal side of business. The podcast explores ways for business owners to develop strategies for growth while staying protected legally.

Best Legal Podcasts for Legal News & Current Events

A part of the job of any lawyer is staying up-to-date with legal news. These podcasts make it fun. 

Presented by former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, Preet breaks down legal topics in the news. The podcast focuses on current legal issues but occasionally covers some historical ones. “Preet has some excellent war stories of his own but he also gets great guests who are knowledgeable and engaging.” John Joy, Managing Attorney from FTI Law.

Dubbed the CliffNotes of legal news, cohosted by three legal journalists, Amber Mckinney, Bill Donahue, and Alex Lawson, this legal podcast provides a recap of what happened in the legal world in the past seven days. 

Check out “LGBT Bar NY” for insightful discussions about the latest legal news related to LGBT issues,  including popular topics like the legality of bakeries refusing to bake for gay weddings and adoption agencies discriminating against same-sex couples. Eric Lesh, executive director of the LGBT Bar of N.Y., and Art Leonard, a professor at New York Law School, co-host monthly episodes.

“Lawyer 2 Lawyer” covers a variety of topics in the legal space and can be a good fit for experienced lawyers to law students alike. Hosted by J. Craig Williams, the podcast touches on breaking news in the industry and around the world. “Williams isn’t a stranger to disagreeing with his guests either, which can ramp up the episodes as far as intensity. A nice podcast that is done well and covers some great content!” says ​​Mia Cloud, an attorney and the founder of Cloud Law Firm.

Bloomberg Law host June Grasso speaks with prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyzing major legal issues and cases in the news.

Fiona McEntee is a nationally recognized immigration attorney, activist, and author. She hosts “Immigration Revelation” along with Ray McEntee, and Carolina Solano. The co-hosts share incredible immigration stories. 

Hosts Kathryn Rubino, Joe Patrice, and Elie Mystal combine their experiences as journalists and litigators on this law podcast that takes a unique approach to legal discussions. Together, the three hosts talk through a topic experienced by everyday people and reexamine it through the eyes of a lawyer. I

Legal Angle focuses on legal issues, arts, culture, music, and social issues. It is hosted by Emmanuel Olawale, owner of the Olawale Law Firm and author. Emmanuel is a recipient of several professional, leadership, and academic awards such as Super Lawyers’ Rising Star, National Trial Lawyers Top 100, National Black Lawyers Top 100, and numerous others.

Enjoy witty and insightful banter between Adam Carolla, a comedian and former contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice, and criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos as they discuss the latest in pop culture. 

This legal podcast is quick and balances legal content with real-world problems. “The information is also presented in a way that everyone can understand so it’s

a great way to stay informed with legal topics.” John DeStefano, Technical Advisor of I.P. at Founders Legal.

Best Podcasts for Legal Stories & True Crime 

Who doesn’t love a good true crime story? These podcasts do a great job of weaving in legal examples with entertaining storytelling. 

If you love a podcast with twists and turns, the “Sword and Stone” is for you. It covers how some of the most bizarre events make their way through the justice system.

“Court Junkie” is an entertaining podcast that digs into the criminal law aspect of true crime. Jillian LP, founder and creator of CourtJunkie.com, and host of the audio show highlights the injustices and issues within the U.S. judicial system. 

Two licensed e-discovery attorneys, Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland, host this legal-minded podcast that caters to fans of comic books and sci-fi. 

This female-focused legal podcast was created by Sarita Venkat, head of I.P. Transactions Worldwide at Apple, and Katherine Minarik, General Counsel at Americas for Dyson, so they could share the stories they wanted to hear—“true stories about trailblazing female attorneys who made waves in politics, courtrooms, and boardrooms”.

Take a deep dive into the U.S.’s most famous court cases as Hill Harper,  author, actor, entrepreneur, and Harvard Law School graduate, hosts this law podcast that aims to entertain. Hill works through court transcripts and interviews to transport you to the courtroom at the time of the case. 

“Lawyer Stories” shares what success in law really looks like through inspiring stories of how people started and got to where they are in their legal careers. 

Entertaining and insightful, Serial is a favorite podcast among lawyers and non-legal professionals alike. It highlights a different approach to legal matters and other issues of public interest. 

Inspired by “Serial”, “Undisclosed” takes an even deeper look into the cases covered by the original podcast. It looks into any and all facts that the first show might have missed.

Each episode will cover a specific cold case with painstaking detail, revealing the intricacies of the case and the law. 

Another true crime nail-biter, most of the episodes of this podcast focus on cold cases as the hosts highlight many different pieces of evidence that could lead to the cases’ conclusions. 

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