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Top 10 Best Virtual Receptionist for Law Firms in 2024

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Do you know how to choose the best virtual receptionist for law firms?

It’s understood that lawyers devote almost half of their time to administrative tasks. This may come with little or even no surprise to those in the legal profession.

It’s not enough to simply practice law; attorneys must also attract business, handle the intake of new clients, manage invoices–and that’s all in a single day’s work. 

So, it’s easy to understand how the help and support of a virtual receptionist can be game-changing for solo or small firms–given large firms could not even operate without them. 

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But hiring in today’s job landscape has changed. And finding someone who wants to commute and come into the office is akin to finding that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 

How does one even start conducting research on the best virtual receptionist for law firms?

“We’re in a day and age where law firms need to level up their customer acquisition and support efforts which is why turning to a virtual receptionist makes complete sense,” says Riley Beam, Managing Attorney at Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

“These services are perfect for gathering important leads, following up, scheduling appointments, and providing customer support on a number of legal topics.”

And luckily, the best virtual receptionist for law firms can work from anywhere–so your talent pool is not as severely limited.

Expanding your search beyond those who can come into the office or in your immediate area is a great way to get the best talent.

Here, we’re breaking down the differences between the best virtual receptionist for law firms available, so you can find the perfect match–and get back to business. 

Best Virtual Receptionist for Law Firms: Top 10

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1. LexReception

Having tried and tested various platforms, here’s Beam’s thoughts on LexReception.

“With a talented department equipped to handle legal clients, LexReception is a virtual answering service that law firms can blindly rely on.”

Beam describes their team as efficient, professional, and well-versed in providing clients with timely customer service.

“From scheduling appointments to client retention and even call transfers, LexReception does it all and offers a noticeable ROI in comparison to other services in the market.”

The cost for their mid-level “Grow” plan provides 300 minutes for $325 per month.

There is no setup fee and it comes with free CRM integration, client online access and free appointment setting.

2. Alert Communications

A favorite among large-sized firms, Alert Communications can screen calls and handle many intake-related processes beyond just answering and transferring phone calls.

They work exclusively with law firms, offering robust services including call answering and routing, bilingual receptionists and client intake interviews.

Additionally, Alert Communications offers an understanding of the legal business world. Plus they provide 24/7 support. 

The total pricing plan will depend on the services you want included in your plan–that being said they are considered to be on the pricier side compared the other best virtual receptionist for law firms on our list. 

3. Smith ai 

Leading the pack in tech and innovation, Smith.ai will provide your firm with a wealth of software integrations to choose from so that all of your apps can work together.

And in addition to standard calling offerings, they provide more communication options including web chat and text messaging.

Smith ai also offers 24/7 support and free consultations. Pricing ranges from $240 to $900 for standard tier plans. 

4. Nexa

Nexa stands apart from the crowd for those lawyers running a solo or small firm.

Nexa is an affordable virtual receptionist option if you don’t have a high volume of calls.

Their services will provide the level of support you need, without all of the bells and whistles that you could end up never using anyway. 

Even better, you can start with their free plan which covers 50 minutes of calls to see how you like it before signing up for a plan.

The starter plan is $200 per month for the handling of 100 voice minutes. 

5. Ruby Receptionists

If you want to go with a virtual receptionist that’s widely used across your industry, Ruby is it. They are known for their reliability and quality of service.

They only provide phone services, so you won’t see additional chat or calendar features–but they do what they do well. 

Ruby is slightly more expensive than one of the other best virtual receptionist for law firms, with their starter plan costing $219 monthly for 50 minutes–but one could argue that quality comes with a justifiable cost. 

6. Posh Virtual Receptionists 

Posh’s live virtual receptionists can answer your calls and schedule your appointments 24 hours a day.

They place an importance on customizability and say that they will “step in as much or as little as you like”. Posh is not industry-specific to lawyers, but they have a law division

An affordable option for low call volume, Posh has a plan that supports 50 minutes of receptionist calls for $94. 

7. Gabbyville 

Another virtual receptionist for law firms that will adhere to your brand and custom guidelines, Gabbyville is on the smaller side compared to some other “big fish” on this list.

But that’s not a downside, Gabbyville has a reputation for working closely with their customers and going above and beyond to meet their needs.

You can try Gabbyville for free before signing up for a plan. Plans range from $250 – $1200 per month and are based on the number of calls instead of the total minutes. 

8. Back Office Betties

Similar in size and benefits, Back Office Betties is another option for a smaller firm mainly concerned with managing calls. 

They offer a variety of calling and chat plans. Their best virtual receptionist for law firms plans start at $349 for 100 minutes and go up to $1799 for unlimited time.

The web chat plans range from $90-$500 per month. 

9. LawyerLine

Lawyerline offers custom call handling, potential client intake as well as detailed reporting including an individual call summary, daily call summary and monthly report.

You’ll get more than just an answering service with LawyerLine. 

10. Abby Connect

Happy woman in workplace in front of computer because she has one of the best virtual receptionists for law firms

Another one of the best virtual receptionist for law firms that multi-tasks for your firm, is Abby Connect which offers calling and chat plans.

You’ll be provided a dedicated team that handles customized client intake, scheduling, voicemail solutions and bilingual support. 

Pricing starts at $299 for 100 receptionist minutes.

We know that running and managing a law firm is no small feat– for more assistance, take a look at the Best Law Practice Management Software Platforms of 2024 that can further help streamline administrative tasks.

Because your time is better spent on your cases.

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