Mike McLean July 25, 2023 2 min read

Embroker Announces Partnerships with Dashlane and Cowbell

Three people celebrate Emroker's recent partnership with Dashlane and Cowbell.

On July 25, 2023, Embroker officially announced partnerships with password manager Dashlane, and cyber insurance provider Cowbell. These partnerships are a shining example of Embroker’s goal: to be the single destination for industry-tailored commercial insurance, and the continued evolution of ONE by Embroker.

Dashlane and Cowbell represent an end-to-end cybersecurity experience for businesses. On the front end, Dashlane provides Embroker’s customers with industry-renowned cyber protection services including password management and dark web monitoring. Embroker and Dashlane share the core belief that risk management begins with prevention.

On the back, Cowbell’s cyber insurance allows Embroker to expand its offerings, and give customers more options when it comes to their risk transfer methods. Cowbell is the leader in cyber insurance for SMEs, and by incorporating its policy, we can ensure that our customers can secure the best bespoke coverage possible, whether it’s through an Embroker product or otherwise. To kick off the partnership, Cowbell now completes our Law Package offering. Enabled through an API, Cowbell’s admitted Cyber product can now be paired with our admitted LPL product, further strengthening our exclusive bundle offerings. 

Here’s a quote from Embroker’s Chief Insurance Officer, David Derigiotis: 

“These partnerships carry us further along in our mission to provide coverage cut uniquely to tailor customers’ exact needs, at the best possible price. Through Cowbell and Dashlane, we are not only able to support our customers in the event of a cyber breach, but also help them avoid one altogether. It is services like these that are shaping the next generation of insurance, making getting coverage easier and actively beneficial to those who hold policies with us.”

This partnership announcement comes at a time of quiet caution in the business community around cyber risk. In 2022, survey data found that 20% of venture-backed startups considered cyber attacks their top threat; this declined to just 14% of founders in 2023. But, cyber risk has not reduced. In fact, in tough economic times, cyber criminals thrive.

For more information on this, check out our most recent Startup Risk Index Report.

To learn more about our partnership announcement, and to read quotes from Dashlane, Cowbell, and Embroker CEO Ben Jennings, check out the full press release here.

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