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AI Software Utilizes Risk Transfer

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Who Is Hu-manity.co?

Hu-manity.co is a technology company committed to empowering consumers, companies, and countries to transition to a consumer-inclusive data economy. Its AI-powered software creates, reads, understands, and compares the legal language in data-related contracts that govern data practices between multiple entities. By processing all this sensitive data, Hu-manity.co requires a complete AI software risk transfer solution.

Hu-manity.co was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. The company acquired BetterPath, a natural language understanding company, in 2019 and Cookie Notice, the leading website cookie consent management software, in 2020.

Companies use Hu-manity.co’s software to promote privacy and build trust, transparency, and authenticity with customers across all channels. The company’s mission is to use technological inventions to establish trust, transparency, and authenticity between individuals and institutions in the future. 

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Hu-manity.co Takes on Risks

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Hu-manity.co has been a client at Embroker since 2019. In 2020, their insurance policies were up for renewal, and the company reached out to Embroker to discuss their options. Specifically, their team contacted Kristina Chamis, Senior Manager of Insurance Placements and Markets at Embroker. Kristina helped guide Hu-manity.co through the renewal process. With major changes happening internally, Hu-manity.co needed an adjustment to their policies so that their insurance coverage could better reflect their future business plans and risks they wanted to take.

“Take advantage of the expertise available to you. Reach out to your broker or customer success manager. I encourage businesses that have undergone a lot of changes to take the time to set up a renewal meeting, to discuss what stage they are at and see whether they are covered in the ways they need to be.” – Kristina Chamis

Like many other startups, Hu-manity.co is committed to the kind of innovation that is only possible with necessary, forward-looking risk-taking. Empowering companies to innovate requires an effective risk transfer plan. For many startups, deciding on the right kind of insurance package is the first important step. As companies grow and evolve, however, the challenge becomes deciding on how to adjust insurance coverage to better reflect their evolving needs. 

Embroker’s Solutions for AI Software Risk Transfer

Certificate of insurance which is an example of an appropriate risk transfer solution

Hu-manity.co worked with Kristina and the Embroker team to adjust their coverage during the renewal process. The company’s prior protection did not fully reflect its updated growth and employee targets. The Embroker team suggested limits based on Hu-manity.co’s current exposure to ensure that their coverage was in line with their current needs. 

Hu-manity.co’s leadership was particularly impressed by the Embroker team’s accessibility. Kristina connected with Hu-manity.co in order to speed up the process and establish a direct line of communication. As a result, they were able to work through the adjustment process in a direct and timely manner, ensuring that the results would be satisfactory. 

“Kristina Chamis was super helpful in walking me through our options for renewal, especially at the last minute. The fact that she was willing to set up a web meeting to walk me through it was icing on the cake!” – Hu-manity.co

The successful adjustment and renewal of Hu-manity.co’s coverage reflect Embroker’s commitment to supporting its clients by providing policies that can meet their current needs and appetite for risk. Though startups often face similar risks, each company has a unique set of needs that requires a different set of policies for their industry and, risk strategy, and business goals.

In order to support and help protect startups, Embroker recently launched a startup insurance package that includes directors & officers insurance (D&O), fiduciary liability insurance, and employment practices liability insurance (EPLI).

D&O insurance is particularly important for startups that have outside investors. For companies whose products are at the R&D stage, technology errors & omissions insurance (Tech E&O) is also important. Embroker provides coverage of both Tech E&O and EPLI through its management liability insurance. Putting these policies into place allows Hu-manity.co to take on new risks and challenges that help them grow and thrive within the AI software ecosystem.

Every startup company should have a solid cyber liability insurance policy in place as well. Given the importance of operating within an increasingly connected cyber realm, it’s not a matter of if but when you will be faced with data breach attempts or cybersecurity issues. The majority of businesses will also need a business owner’s policy (BOP). BOP typically includes commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Deciding on what policies a startup needs at different growth stages can seem like a daunting task, which is why it is important to consult the right experts and have an insurer you can trust who is willing to meet individual needs for your unique industry and appetite for risk. 

“What makes Embroker special is the combination of digital platforms and team of experienced, professional brokers. Many other insurers don’t have this level of expertise. We also have the capacity to reach out to external partners to provide even greater client support. Embroker combines the best of both the insurtech space and traditional brokerages.” -Kristina Chamis


Man presenting certificate of insurance for risk management results

Since 2020, Hu-manity.co has continued its partnership with Embroker, renewing policies and increasing risk transfer. 

In helping Hu-manity.co set up coverage that directly meets its current needs, Embroker has supported Hu-manity.co’s continued success. With the right insurance policies in place, Hu-manity.co and its leadership can focus on their work of promoting privacy and developing their innovative AI-powered software. 

Embroker, meanwhile, has continued to build on its track record of helping its clients and customers by providing even more touch bases and greater access. By expanding its customer outreach and marketing teams, Embroker aims to help customers find the right insurance coverage that they need to empower them to do the work they are meant to do. 

“Kristina Chamis is awesome! Super responsive and has made everything very easy for us.” -Hu-manity.co


All startup companies face certain risks on their journey to grow and innovate. Each startup, however, also faces unique challenges, and its insurance coverage should reflect that.

It’s important, therefore, for startups that are facing policy renewals to evaluate their insurance policies and coverage, to ensure that they have an insurer who has their best interests in mind and can be a trusted advisor to help them succeed in the future. 


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