Mike McLean March 21, 2024 2 min read

Denton’s Roundtable Recap: AI’s Revolutionary Potential and Vulnerabilities

Our Chief Insurance Officer, David Derigiotis, was a panelist on Denton’s Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank Virtual Roundtable: “Getting To Know AI’s Revolutionary Potential and Vulnerabilities.” 

The roundtable focused on artificial intelligence’s current status, where it is headed, and practical considerations that business, government, and community leaders should consider. The enormous potential for harnessing AI to solve practical business and societal problems has its challenges: companies are grappling to understand the impact of AI on their activities and to figure out what they should be doing about it.

Top Points from David: 

  • Artificial intelligence is neither good nor bad: it all comes down to users’ motives.
  • All industries are grappling with the same issues: AI implementation, protecting their data, how it’s used, and making sure AI doesn’t show inherent biases.
  • It is essential for organizations that are looking to avoid AI threats to have proper procedures in place to prevent themselves from falling victim to AI scams. Users previously only had to worry about email spoofing or phishing, but AI has evolved these threats to include things like voice manipulation and deepfakes. There must be multiple people involved in the authentication process to make sure these AI threats are protected against. 
  • People must embrace AI, one way or another. Ride the wave, don’t let it crash on you. Find different ways to utilize AI tools to become more efficient in everyday tasks. Use these tools to benefit and to maximize overall productivity and reap the benefits. 

Watch the full webinar here: 


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