Embroker Team October 24, 2022 1 min read

Embroker Featured on 2020 Insurtech 100 List

What is the Founder Effect?

We are very proud and honored to have been featured on the Insurtech 100 list compiled by Sønr, the world’s leading market intelligence platform designed specifically for insurance companies.

Embroker is at #22 on this list of the top 100 international insurtech companies, ranked according to how successful each company is expected to be. The report states that the companies that made the list are “rethinking today’s products, services, and business models.”

Key Insights from Insurtech 100

According to the report, Sønr applies sophisticated analysis, evaluation, and modeling of millions of data points to create a score used to determine each company’s propensity for success based on the compiled data, which includes the strength of each company’s founding team, the product’s alignment with growth opportunity, and many other factors.

To learn more about the list, check out Insurance Post’s story.

Or learn more about the industry-leading business insurance services we’re providing to companies of all sizes.

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