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2022 Work Trends — January 2022 Newsletter

Person working at computer with a text box indicating potential harassment or discrimination in remote work

2022 work trends? In April? Well, while 2022 is clearly underway, Q2. Maybe you’re reaching your projected goals. Maybe your New Year’s resolutions just are a distant memory.

No matter the state of your business, it is a good time to assess your current situation and adjust for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a look at what’s going on now and how recent events affect your company’s bottom line.

In this repost of our January 2022 Newsletter, the concerns couldn’t be more relevant to the dog days of Q2.

2022 Work Trends: Here we go again!

The holidays are over, becoming little more than a distant memory, however, the home office hasn’t gone anywhere.

As a new wave of the pandemic surges, we are once again reminded that “work” as we once knew it may never return.

We don’t know how to feel.

For this month’s newsletter, we want to focus on what was, what is, and what may be when it comes to our jobs, how business owners are coping with the flexible state of employment, and incoming 2022 work trends.

Let’s get into it.


What’s Going On?

Employment Report is Good News, Maybe Misleading — Forbes

2021 closed on a weak note for jobs. But, is there room for optimism?

Number of People Quitting Jobs Hits All-Time High — USA Today

Job openings also neared an all-time high. Why is hiring, and retaining, so hard?

Four-Day Work Week Gains Traction in Congress — MSNBC

Can fewer working days help with burnout? What does it mean for businesses?

Pie graph and bar chart for 2022 benchmark report

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An Altered State of Business

New York Times image depicting 2022 work trends. A person at a computer is overwhelmed by eyes and mouths encircling the screen.


Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work— NY Times

As it turns out, workplace harassment doesn’t require, well, a workplace, to run rampant. Unfortunately, it may occur in remote workspaces. In fact, cases may even be on the rise.

While these keyboard warriors are clearly hard at work, business owners and entrepreneurs are worried.

What Are Businesses Most Concerned About?

A graphic of the concerns of small businesses in 2022. These 2022 work trends are worrying, but important for founders and business owners to know.

According to our Big Risks for Small Businesses report, a survey of 500 business owners found that 37% are most concerned about labor shortages and overworked employees heading into 2022.

For startup founders, that number jumps to 40%.

Big Risks for Small Businesses Report

Person with magnifying glass studying their protections against potential small business risk.

Is the Current Approach to Business Insurance a Match for Today’s Modern Risks?

Spoiler: It’s not.

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In a world where workers are standing up and advocating for themselves more than ever, how does management need to step up and ensure they are not only heard, but protected?

What’s New from Embroker?

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Part-time vs. Full-time Benefits and Laws: What Employers Need to Know

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For more content like this, check out the Embroker blog.

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