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Nonprofit Leverages Insurance for Risk Transfer

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Who is REFORM Alliance?

REFORM Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming America’s probation and parole system. It advocates for a restorative system that is fair, accountable, and invested in rehabilitation, support, and well-being. In a business such as this, REFORM Alliance was in need of a nonprofit risk transfer solution.

The organization was founded in January 2019 by a group of philanthropists and activists, including Robert Rihmeek Williams (Meek Mill) and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z). It is headquartered in New York City. Since its founding, REFORM has brought together business leaders, advocates, and bipartisan coalitions of policymakers to work on common-sense solutions to transform probation and parole. The organization has already achieved significant legislative victories in nine states so far. 

REFORM Alliance’s mission is to transform probation and parole practices by changing laws, systems, and culture to create opportunities for people to have a better future. The organization aims to put people first, push for real solutions, and build strong communities. 

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REFORM Alliance’s Unique Position

As a non-profit organization, REFORM Alliance has attracted employees who are dedicated and passionate contributors to the company’s mission. They are well-qualified professionals capable of excelling in any industry, who have chosen to commit themselves to REFORM’s mission of transforming the justice system. For that reason, REFORM’s leadership set out to provide its employees with the best insurance and benefits coverage possible, especially in health care. 

In looking for the right insurer, REFORM Alliance’s team wanted a cost-efficient solution that would allow them to access and assess the different insurance choices available to them so they could choose a best-in-class option. REFORM also wanted an insurance advisor who could provide guidance and adjust coverage as the non-profit grew.

REFORM Alliance needed an insurer who understood what kind of organization it was. Many insurers did not understand REFORM Alliance’s mission as a criminal justice reform foundation that emphasizes communication and advocacy in achieving its goals. Rather than providing direct service to individuals, the REFORM team is dedicated to changing hearts, minds, and laws around the issue of criminal justice reform.

Finally, another challenge faced by the REFORM Alliance team when looking for the right insurer had to do with location. The organization’s employees work across the United States to bring about change. As a result, REFORM needed to work with an insurer who could provide the best coverage for all its employees regardless of their location. 

Embroker’s Nonprofit Risk Transfer Solutions

When the REFORM Alliance team came across Embroker in their search, they knew they had found the right insurer. As a nationwide provider of insurance coverage, Embroker proved to be the most competitive choice. 

The REFORM team was especially impressed by the quality of service that Embroker provided. They were looking for an insurer willing to address their unique needs as a non-profit organization, someone capable of providing coverage that could accommodate changes in the business as the organization evolved. In Embroker, they found the right partner. 

REFORM Alliance’s leadership had a direct line of communication with Embroker’s team. They knew exactly which Embroker advisors they were dealing with and who to contact at any time. This allowed REFORM to keep their employees up to date with any changes to their nonprofit risk transfer coverage, thereby ensuring that every employee had a thorough understanding of the benefits available to them. 

“When it comes to insurance, I want to know who my insurance person is. I want to know that the insurance provider has looked at all the options available and will contact me to tell me what the best options are for my organization and employees. That’s exactly what Embroker was willing and able to do.” – Karen Caldwell, Chief Financial Officer, REFORM Alliance

Embroker’s wide range of insurance policies makes it an ideal partner for organizations like REFORM Alliance. When it comes to health and employee benefits, Embroker’s experts work with your HR team and draw on third-party data to help you find the best coverage for your employees. Embroker’s benefits services include health, dental, and life insurance.  For companies and organizations looking to protect their employees, it’s important to start by understanding the costs of an employee benefits program

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Embroker’s business owners policy (BOP) offers market-leading commercial property, general liability, and business interruption insurance for comprehensive coverage of your organization. General liability insurance specifically can protect your organization against claims of property damage and bodily injury.

For organizations like REFORM Alliance, there are several other insurance policies to consider. Almost all states require workers compensation insurance. That’s why it’s important to look at workers compensation requirements state-by-state and determine who can qualify for a workers compensation exemption. Other policies such as commercial auto insurance are also important depending on your organization’s specific needs. 

When deciding on the right coverage, it’s always important to have a trusted insurer who can focus on your needs and provide you with the best policies to protect your business and employees. 


With Embroker’s help, REFORM Alliance has reduced insurance costs and saved time. Embroker’s team gathered the necessary research and data to determine the best coverage for the best price, helping REFORM make the best decisions for their employees. Embroker made it possible for REFORM Alliance to provide its employees with the benefits they need to safeguard their health and for the company to thrive as a nonprofit. 

“I would definitely recommend Embroker to other organizations. For small businesses in particular, working with Embroker means that you will have someone who’ll be able to do the necessary research and provide you with the level of expertise that will save you time and money.” – Karen Caldwell, Chief Financial Officer, REFORM Alliance

With the right nonprofit risk transfer insurance coverage in place, REFORM Alliance’s leadership and employees can focus on doing the work they are meant to do. The organization continues its mission to dramatically reduce the number of people trapped in the criminal justice system and redirect them to work so that they can make their families and communities safer and stronger. 


REFORM Alliance is one of many non-profit organizations across the United States working tirelessly to improve the lives of people and communities nationwide. Non-profit organizations like REFORM are driven by the passion and dedication of their people, which is why it’s so crucial to keep their employees safe and protected. 

For small organizations and businesses that care about their employees, the most effective way of protecting their people is to have an insurance provider who can provide the best coverage possible and be a trusted and reliable partner.

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