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Embroker Spotlight: Meet Dan Frett

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A Customer Success Manager at Embroker, Dan Frett is a risk management professional who provides accountants and lawyers with customized coverage, including legal malpractice.

We asked Dan about his work at Embroker and learned some fun facts along the way. From finding the best policies for his clients to his love for pizza, read on to learn about Dan the customer success manager.

Key Insights from Dan Frett:

What experience do you have as a broker?

I have been an insurance broker for about a decade. I began my career in administration and worked up the ranks from there. I worked with a range of different industries–ranging from law firms to manufacturing to hospitality–always trying to find the broadest coverage for each of their risks.

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How do you partner with clients to get them the best coverage? 

Dan Frett: Insurance policies are full of ambiguity, and it’s important as an insurance professional to help my customers decipher and break down their policies.

It’s not always the least expensive option that is the best option, but I’ll always find you the most cost-effective option that’s the best fit.

What do you like most about working for Embroker? 

Dan Frett: Embroker has a wonderful culture that is different from a normal brokerage. New ideas are welcomed and developed. Teamwork and camaraderie are part of the daily routine.  

What’s the most important quality in an insurer? 

Dan Frett: I value the ability to treat each submission fairly and justly.

What’s the question that clients should ask you but don’t? 

Dan Frett: When you’re searching for the least expensive policy, you may overlook certain risks that you should have covered. I encourage my clients to analyze their circumstances and ask “Are all my exposures covered?”

What’s your favorite piece of work that you’ve done for a client?

Dan Frett: Actually at Embroker – I was working with a client on a professional liability quote and the options we received were pricey so they decided to shop.

When they brought back a competing quote for half the price, I helped them decipher the coverage, realizing that the new quote excluded a major part of their business.

They were grateful for the time I spent to help them compare their options, even when that option was with another broker.

What’s been the biggest change in the industry you’ve seen in your career? 

Dan Frett: As the workforce gets younger, there has been a definite culture shift across the industry. It’s interesting to see how a new generation approaches risk management.

What inspires you? 

Dan Frett: I get inspired by being able to educate my customers on a niche coverage where they might be less experienced. Being their source of knowledge is a privilege.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your career?

Dan Frett: Over the years I’ve learned that even though I am considered a professional in this field, it’s okay to admit when I am unsure about something and need to conduct research before providing my final analysis. Digging deeper always enhances my knowledge, so it’s a win for me too.

Fun Facts:

  • First job: Waiter in a retirement home’s dining room
  • Favorite vacation spot: In the US, dare I admit Disney World?! Another answer would be Charleston, SC. Outside the US: Florence, Italy or along the Rhine River in Germany.
  • Favorite music genre: I am a big fan of rock music. I grew up listening to the classics from my parents, so pretty much anything with loud guitars, bass, and drums from the 1960s through today is awesome.
  • Hidden talents: I enjoy cooking and baking, but as a talent? My wife and friends would probably disagree.
  • Favorite book: Ready Player One
  • Favorite movie: Tommy Boy, This is Spinal Tap, or Deadpool. There are too many to pick.
  • Pets: Yes! Recently adopted a two-year-old hound mix named Bradley.
  • Favorite food: Tough question. If I had to pick, I would say the classic answer of pizza, and my favorite dessert is tiramisu. 

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