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2021 Benchmarking Report: How Business Insurance Needs and Costs Change as Your Startup Grows

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Our mission at Embroker has always been to turn the process of purchasing business insurance into one that is fully transparent and guided by accurate and reliable data.

The Embroker Vertical Insurance Index: Startup Index is a new benchmarking report we’ve put together to provide startup founders with a clear, real-world snapshot of how business insurance needs, costs, and decisions change over time as startups grow.

We analyzed the purchasing decisions of more than 2,000 tech startups that have obtained coverage through our platform in order to highlight trends and correlations between various startup growth stages and how much they paid to purchase key policies such as directors & officers, technology errors & omissions, and employment practices liability insurance.

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This report aims to help startups make better-informed decisions when purchasing vital coverage.

As clear leaders in this specialized market and creators of the first-ever digital directors & officers policy specifically tailored to the needs of venture-funded tech startups, Embroker has been bullish about helping high-growth startups properly address their very specific risks.

By harnessing advanced technology and data, we strive to help startups get the right coverage and avoid potentially costly exposure in their most critical stages of growth.

To provide even greater insight, we’ve also created a digital tool that allows companies to take data featured in our benchmarking report and apply it to their company’s specific needs based on revenue and funding.

You can download the full, in-depth benchmarking report here:

The Embroker Vertical Insurance Index: Startup Index

For more information on the right coverage for you, check out Embroker’s digital insurance platform.


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