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The Embroker 200 Top Startups

3 key elements of cybersecurity

Robotic greenhouses that use 90% less water than traditional farming. AI to streamline our email inboxes. Human-like robotics and VR used to perform minimally invasive surgery. 3D glasses that power remote teams on the front lines of aircraft repair. A grocery store that monitors and restocks its own shelves.

These are the incredible companies driving the list of The Embroker 200. We sought out startups across over 40 industries around the world to rank the fastest growing companies that we believe will fundamentally transform our society. The unparalleled innovation and technology behind these startups is the reason they are not just solving our modern day problems, but changing the world.

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A Quick Look

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Largest total funding amount:$186 million

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Number of startups just under 3 years old:24

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Percent of startups with a team of 50 or less employees:33%

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Most popular industry:Artificial Intelligence

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Total sites talking about these startups:232,227

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Total social engagement across all startups:1,762,028

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Startup Highlights

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Check out quotes from the startups on what makes their companies truly unique, their biggest risks to date, and how they’re overcoming all odds to break ground.

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Hillview was spun out of a 3rd generation family business. We see Hillview as the David vs. many of the cannabis industries Goliaths. At the same time, we bring a level of sophistication where other local upstarts have fallen short while still representing the modern farmer.

Erin Diver

Director of Marketing at Hillview

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We allow plants to 'communicate' with farmers, something that wouldn't have been thought possible only 5 years ago. By making each plant a living sensor we enable farmers to take care of their crops with more precision, eliminating the historical tradeoff between sustainability and productivity.

Shely Aronov

Founder and CEO of InnerPlant

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The growing trend of ingredient transparency and clean labels has our customers looking deeper into every product they choose to incorporate into their life. Hilma is tackling the medicine cabinet with a suite of new staples made with natural ingredients, backed by clinical research, and branding that resonates with our consumer.

Hilary Quartner

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Hilma

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Traditional financial services is an antiquated industry rife with outdated regulation, convoluted pathways, and barriers to entry. We eliminate the need for developers to face those challenges on their own, taking care of all the details and allowing our customers to focus on what they're good at.

Mike McCarthy

Head of Business Development at Apto Payments

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Beacon is disrupting the industry in two ways: broadening availability of “big bank” technology and dramatically increasing the rate of innovation. Building our core platform on a cloud infrastructure and adding a broad set of standard financial tools and applications, firms of any size can run complex calculations, evaluate thousands of scenarios, and have real-time risk dashboards.

Mark Higgins

Co-Founder and COO of Beacon

Top 200 Startups

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Embroker sought out the fastest growing startups across 40+ industries around the globe to create The Embroker 200, a list of companies that are fundamentally changing our society. All startups were scored based on a calculation of the most popular startup per dollar of funding. Embroker weighted total external media mentions and total social engagement, which measures engagement across four platforms, then compared it to total funding. Embroker’s judging panel then assessed each company based on innovation and impact, with a focus on the total funding raised to date. The startups ranked here are working to transform the world by leading their industry through innovation.

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