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2022 Predictions — February 2022 Newsletter

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January has come and gone, and well, it’s going to be an interesting year. The Great Resignation, inflation, and a supply chain tug-of-war are setting the stage for 2022.

Like we said, interesting.

So, what’s in store for businesses in 2022? And more specifically, what’s coming up for yours? Industry news and analysis (from yours truly) provide some direction and predictions to map out your interesting year ahead.

Let’s get into it.

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All About Business

The latest on inflation: Can we expect it to ‘cool’ in the coming months? — MarketWatch

Despite the rollercoaster of 2021, California law firms had a standout year in revenue — Analysis

What supply chain troubles mean for your business — CNN

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Analyzing Insurance Costs for Startups

Embroker Vertical Insurance Index

How much are you paying for your insurance? Are you purchasing the right policies? Find out what founders are doing, and the trends that you may not have seen.

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Workplace Risk and 2022 Predictions

A person considers the 2022 predictions and articles about the future of their business.


Sexual assault & workplace harassment claims: Senate approves bill against forced arbitration — WSJ

Is employee theft on the rise in 2022? — Statistics

The Federal government takes another look at diversity and inclusion — Office of Personnel Management

Employment trends and predictions for law firms in 2022 — Download the Report

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