Embroker 101

Unbreaking the insurance brokerage

For most businesses, buying insurance is a painful process of endless paperwork and waiting for a broker that never seems to give you all the answers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The brokerage or independent agency business model for commercial insurance has been around since the mid-1800s. It may have been innovative at the time, but it’s about time we modernize business insurance.

Why Embroker?

Embroker is the leading digital insurance brokerage and Risk Management Platform built for the way you do business. We take the pain out of insurance by pairing technology with expertise that saves you time and reduces the cost of risk.

By embracing technology and data, we’re able to provide value and give you control - including transparent premiums.

And our leadership team brings expertise. They have held senior and board level positions at AON, Marsh, Willis, and HUB International, and all our brokers have over 10 years of experience at top commercial brokers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Embroker has offices in Chicago and Boston and customers in all 50 states. Embroker has been named one the innovators shaping the future of finance by Goldman Sachs and one of the most promising private FinTech Companies in the world by CB Insights.

Here’s some early proof that it’s resonating: We work with nearly all of the largest carriers in the world. We’re backed by leading fintech and insurance investors, including the venture arm of XL Catlin — leading carrier and S&P 500 member — and Hans Morris, former president of Visa, who announced:

“Embroker’s vision of bringing clarity, transparency, and simplicity to insurance decisions will make it the core tool used by businesses of all sizes to buy insurance."

Our mission is simple: to help businesses make smart risks by simplifying the entire insurance process and reducing their cost of risk.

Buy and renew insurance without the paperwork!

We’ve simplified the entire insurance process. You can either fill out our (much friendlier) digital questionnaires or send us last year’s applications and policies. Either way, we’ll analyze your risk and work with our carrier partners for the best coverage and premiums.

Then at renewal time, you’ll make minor updates on our Risk Management Platform and just press Approve and Submit – saving you hours of time and frustration.

If you have a question, just email us now at success@embroker.com.

Digital Policy Vault

Streamline your insurance with our Digital Policy Vault. Once you sign up on Embroker, go to your Policies page to upload your insurance policies. We’ll digitize each of your 200 page policies into accessible digital cards. Not only is it easy to use, but you’ll also obtain a Risk Review with an Embroker expert and view comparison premium data of other businesses similar to yours. We even securely store the original policy PDFs for a simplified renewal.

And you can request and share certificates of insurance (COIs) with vendors, contractors, and partners — all directly from our Risk Management Platform.

In fact, any company can upload their policies onto Embroker and have them digitally rendered, analyzed, and reviewed by our experts anytime — commitment-free.

Manage your insurance effortlessly with Embroker

It’s just the beginning. Over time, our predictive analytics and machine learning will make our platform even smarter. We’ll be able to customize your coverage with impeccable precision and speed, saving you even more time, money, and inevitable hassle. We value your time, and we want to empower every company to take the risks that will help them thrive.

“Embroker makes the way we were dealing with insurance before seem ancient.”

     -James Joun, CEO, Rinse Inc.


For the insurance industry to remain relevant, it needs to create products which are simple, accessible, and cutting edge. Customers deserve to have an easier and more empowering way to deal with their insurance. This is what Embroker is all about.

Sign up now for commitment-free consultation, or reach out to us and see how we’re the insurance brokerage built for the way you do business at success@embroker.com.